Richard Rector, Executive Director – Healthcare

Richard Rector, Executive Director

Richard Rector

Executive Director – Healthcare

Richard Rector is the new Executive Director for HCS. His role is to facilitate the transition of HCS into Butler America and grow HCS into a national brand for Butler America.

Mr. Rector has over thirty (30) years of experience in Staffing and Business Management of mid-size to large businesses.  Prior to joining HCS, Mr. Rector was Executive Vice President and Co-owner of an international modernization and staffing company for ten (10) years.  Before that, he served as a Regional Manager for two mid-size companies in the staffing industry.  He has extensive experience in business administration, staffing, operations, and automation.  As the Executive Director of HCS, he works actively in the business and is responsible for marketing, overseeing all operations, and management of the business.  Mr. Rector has a BBA in Administrative Management and Marketing from the University of North Texas.