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For general inquiries, please call 203-926-2700 or use the contact button below and we will connect you with the correct person.


Contact Information By Department

Aerospace & Defense Operations

Jim Heun, Sr. Vice President, Aerospace/Defense – Rotary Wing & Systems | 203-926-3063

Health Care

Richard Rector, Executive Director – Healthcare | 678-788-7660

Telecommunications & Fleet 

Walter Gorman, Vice President, Business Development | 615-791-8325

India OperationS, Global IT & BPO Services

Bharani K. Aroll, Vice President | +91-403-071-7171 

Strategic Accounts & Chief Engineer

Edward Fabian,  Vice President | 203-456-1188

National Accounts and Recruitment

Dave Harrow, Vice President | 469-586-4479

Tracy Coffin-Neal, Director