Butler Fleet Management System (FMS)

The Butler Fleet Management System (FMS) is designed to provide clients with managed fleet efficiency and better cost control.

The need for companies with a fleet to manage the maintenance and repair components of their business has never been greater and FMS aids in this goal with timely information to avoid lost productivity. Butler’s FMS seeks to reduce overall fleet maintenance costs while maximizing fleet availability and improving the quality of maintenance.

In the logistics business, time is money. Butler America’s FMS drives your profitability up.

Three Main Components of the FMS

Utilizing Butler's FMS, customers gain transparency and efficiency by having timely access to the three core needs of fleet management:

  1. View vehicle repair history

  2. Plan preventative maintenance

  3. Generate a number of reports by vehicle, technician, etc.

Utilizing the industry standard Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VRMS) coding system and the Repair Order (RO) information entry template of the FMS, your organization and Butler technicians can both access the application from their respective work locations anywhere in the United States.