The Butler America Process

Butler's 7-step Recruiting Process


The skills and attributes needed, timeline to meet staffing need, and the organization's work environment so that Butler has the criteria to find the ideal candidates for our client.

Then, Butler America focuses on finding qualified candidates for all of your staffing needs utilizing state-of-the-art recruiting techniques, which allows us to be nimble and innovative in order to fill your open positions quickly and efficiently.


  • Accessing our innovative database with over 400,000 unique profiles of candidates who's resumes are not on the 'typical' job boards
  • Screening and vetting by our professional recruiters who have years of expertise in your specific industry
  • Candidate testing via ProveIT, with access to over 1,300 validated assessment covering a wide array of skills sets
  • Networking via referral program and potential bonuses
  • Advanced Boolean Searches
  • Utilization of social networking sites to find passive job seekers

Quality Management

Butler America implements and maintains an ISO compliant Quality Management System (QMS) that defines and documents the company’s best business practices to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers while guiding the overall management of the company. We are committed to continually improving our management system and thereby exceeding the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers.

Our Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001 and SAE AS9100 and can be customized at the site-level to incorporate additional customer or industry requirements such as TL 9000. These site-level requirements are defined in a Customer Quality Plan with reference to all additional monitoring, measurement and analysis requirements. Butler India division has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified to ISO 27001.

Butler America’s Quality Policy
Butler America’s Quality Manual is available for review upon request. Please mail for a copy.


Project Management

Butler Project Manager assigned to provide the pinnacle of quality and client satisfaction

Butler can assign a Project Manager who will coordinate projects beginning with the Conceptual Design through the Product Development and Manufacturing phases.

The Butler team utilizes Lessons Learned to improve designs and reduce costs. Quality and On-Time-Delivery are key metrics reported to the client.

Butler’s Project Managers have experienced leadership in Engineering Support and Earned Value, managing programs to a predetermined budget, reporting status weekly or monthly as required.

Butler’s Project Managers will do a risk assessment and develop a Risk Mitigation plan assessing your project’s budget, time schedule and quality standards.