Butler America Solutions for Telecom

Serving a wide variety of telecommunication companies Butler provides unique solutions in network management, engineering support & installation, wire-line and wireless communications, and growth and maintenance that assists telecommunication companies focus on their customer support, cost control and growth.

Engineering Support Services

Engineering Support Services for Telecommunications

Supported by a staff with an average over 30 years of telecom engineering expertise in switching, transport and OSP.

  • Site Design (CO, LSO, Collocation, Wireless, Customer Premise, etc.)
  • Central Office Facilities
  • Interoffice Facilities/Transport
  • FTT(X) Planning (OSP/ISP)
  • Site Surveys
  • Data Base Management
  • Design Specifications
  • Right of Way/Permitting
  • Telco Drafting Service Center

Network Services

Network services for Telecomm

End to end network support via turnkey solutions across all spectrums.

  • Tier 1 Turf Vendor
  • Network Assessment
  • Network/Hardware Test & Acceptance
  • Network Grooming
  • Network Integration
  • Site Conditioning/Critical Infrastructure
  • New Equipment Integration
  • Circuit Migration
  • Records Validation
  • OSP Construction
  • OSP Records Review & Assessment
  • Facility Inventory & Inspection
  • Equipment Deactivation & Removal
  • Cable Mining

Installation Services

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Provided by in house technicians and project management, Butler is a certified vendor providing these services to the telecommunications industry.

  • Central Office/Collocation Installations
  • Telecom/Data Center Buildout
  • Transport & Optical Services
  • Fiber route infrastructure
  • Transmission Crossconnect
  • Soft Switching
  • Bar Coding
  • Rack & Stack
  • Power & Battery
  • Structured Network Cabling

Client Services

Butler Client Services

A portfolio of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our high tech customer base.

  • CWA/IBEW Resource Support
  • EF& I Services
  • Project Design, Implementation & Documentation
  • Turnkey Project Assignment (Onsite or Offsite)
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Work Stoppage/Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Logistics Management & Transportation
  • Warehousing & Inventory Control
  • Enterprise CPE Services

OSP Services

Butler OSP Services for Telecommunications

The key to your company’s success can be found in Butler’s OSP services. Butler employs trained personnel to handle your network design, I&R and buried drop requirements.

  • Network Design and Engineering Support
  • OSP Records Validation and Auditing
  • CAD Drafting and Data Input
  • Installation & Repair (I&R) Personnel, including Triple Play Services
  • Underground Construction
  • Buried Drop Services
  • Triple Play Services
  • Emergency Restoration

Wireless Services

Butler Wireless Services for Telecommunications

In the ever expanding wireless service arena, Butler can provide support in the following areas.

  • Fiber to the Cell Site Engineering Support & Drafting
  • Site Surveys
  • Civil Site Installation
  • Underground Services
  • Quality Control & Site Auditing
  • Small site Removal
  • Broadband Service Commercial or Residential Installation

Staff Augmentation

Butler Staff Augmentation Service for Telecom

Butler can help with your temporary or permanent staffing needs. From installers to engineers we have the personnel ready to step in immediately providing the following assistance.

  • OSP/ISP Engineers
  • Central Office Installers
  • I&R Staffing
  • Central Office Equipment & Frame Maintainers
  • Central Office Transport/Transmission Engineers
  • Sales
  • Call Center Personnel