Butler Aerospace & Defense Expertise


In the new millennium, major shortages of high-end engineering talent in the U.S. coupled with global business initiatives require new thinking and new solutions. Butler’s mission is to become the supplier of choice for premier companies in the Aerospace, Defense and Federal markets, by providing intrinsic value through a flexible business model.

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Butler Specializes in Technical Services and Solutions 


Engineering Services

Butler Aerospace & Defense is your partner of choice for technical outsourcing, and staff augmentation services.   

Information Technology (IT)

Butler Aerospace & Defense's Information Technology Solutions provide our clients with a transformative competitive edge and cost reduction.

AfterMarket Services

Butler Aerospace & Defense's Aftermarket Services offers highly skilled, dedicated logistic support engineers, technical authors and practical classroom trainers.     


Butler's Recruiting Process Puts Your Project Needs First

Butler Aerospace & Defense starts by learning everything about our clients' needs.

  • We find precisely what skills and attributes are required.
  • We chart a specific timeline.
  • We learn your organizations unique culture and work environment to find perfect matches on the "soft" criteria in addition to the "hard" criteria.
  • We utilize our state-of-the-art recruiting techniques to nimbly fill your open positions quickly and efficiently.
  • All of our recruits are thoroughly vetted as we take pride in our elite network of professionals.
Butler Recruiting 7-Step Methodology

Convenient Locations Across the United States and Internationally.

Led by Experienced Technical Professionals with deep domain expertise and solutions.