Aftermarket Services

From Technical Publications to Logistics to Product Support and more, Butler Aerospace & Defense is your “go-to partner”.

Butler Aerospace & Defense provides after market services to commercial and defense customers through a team of highly skilled and dedicated logistic support engineers, technical authors and project managers.

Your R&D, product management and marketing teams have built a new project and successfully taken it to market. The job is far from over. As the project transitions from product development to operations, Butler offers high expertise in providing solutions to keep your teams focused on their core-competencies.

Butler has the right balance of operational and technical expertise to smoothly transition technical tasks from the your team to theirs as the product matures beyond launch.

Common Applications of Butler Aftermarket Services

  • Logistics Services:

    • Logistics Support Analysis
    • Level of Repair Analysis
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Provisioning and Supply Support
    • Support Equipment
    • Training
    • Purchasing / Supply Management Support
    • Warranty Claims Management
    • Overhaul & Repair Support
    • Warehousing / Shipping
  • Technical Publication Authoring Services:

    • Traditional Paper-Based Manuals
    • Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs)
    • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)
    • Theory of Operator Manuals
    • Fault Isolation Manuals
    • Testing and Troubleshooting Manuals
    • Maintenance Manuals
    • Parts Catalogs (Illustrated)
    • Overhaul and Repair Instructions
    • Operator Manuals
    • Flight Manuals
    • Wiring Diagram Manuals
    • Component Maintenance Manuals
    • 2D & 3D Graphics
    • Interactive Graphics
    • Graphic Conversion
    • Data Conversion