Al Moreno, Vice President, Lockheed Martin & Defense Verticals

Alfonso Moreno

Vice President, Lockheed Martin & Defense Verticals

Al started his career in the Aerospace sector with an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology and joined the Boeing Company as a Mechanical Airframe and Payloads Designer.   Over nine years of service his dedication to excellence landed him in a leadership role for design and engineering manufacturing support.  He also found his calling in his role to develop new methods and processes to help improve design execution efficiency. 

The next seventeen years led Al to the engineering outsourcing business where he focused on his leadership career.  While he concentrated on methods and process improvements Al excelled in analyzing engineering processes. Transitioning to business processes, he focused on high power teams/organizations to execute efficient, cost effective, high quality engineering solutions, customer relations, and operational support.  Over the years, Al earned the reputation as; “The Fix It Guy”.

This dedication to improvement and efficiency along with continued success translated to increasing range of responsibility including, Operations Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Director of Engineering Operations, Regional Vice President in the Outsourcing sector.  Al’s wide range of industry knowledge has spanned Fixed Wing Aerospace, Rotorcraft Aerospace, Gas Turbine Aerospace, Gas Turbine Energy, and Auxiliary Power Units Aerospace.
Over the years, Al has provided engineering outsourcing leadership to companies such as, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Allied Signal, Honeywell Aerospace, Solar Turbine, General Electric Transportation (Gas Turbine and Locomotive), Siemens Gas Turbine and Generator, Triumph Aerospace, and Sikorsky Aircraft.

Along the way Al earned his Bachelor - Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix.  His hobbies are dedicated to Family, Health/Fitness and also Big Game Archery Hunter across North America.